Marine Hydrokinetics and Renewables in the 2012 Presidential Election

Marine Hydrokinetics and Renewables in the 2012 Presidential Election   by Andrew Keene Editor’s Note: What can marine and hydrokinetic (MHK) technology developers expect from the two presidential candidates?   Not surprisingly, MHK does not play a significant role in either the Republican or Democratic party platforms if only because it is still an emerging […]

An OREC Intern’s Final Message

Well it’s been a great summer with the Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition, and it’s hard to believe it’s coming to an end so soon. In just two months working for OREC, I have gained substantial knowledge about the topic of marine hydrokinetic energy and experience navigating the congressional arena. Through my work with OREC, I’ve […]

OREC Meets with Commissioner of FERC to Discuss MHK Development

On Friday August 3rd, representatives from OREC and SMI met with Commissioner Norris of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to discuss how FERC could play a larger role in launching marine hydrokinetic (MHK) projects. Damian Kunko of SMI gave the Commissioner an overview of current MHK research and development including the recent deployment of […]

Maine Company Launches First Ever Tidal Energy Generator

For the first time ever, a U.S. company is launching a full-scale commercial marine hydrokinetic generator. Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC) of Maine dedicated this energy project, which will become operational in September, at a ceremony in Eastport on Tuesday. The generator will eventually become integrated into a system of 20 underwater turbines that will […]

House Committee on Energy and Commerce Meets to Discuss the “No More Solyndras Act”

On Thursday July 12, 2012, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce held a hearingto discuss the “No More Solyndras Act,” a bill to cease all new loan guarantees for energy companies issued by the Department of Energy (DOE) and to thoroughly investigate the merits of any applications currently in process. The bill also prohibits the restructuring of […]

Senate Bill to Extend Master Limited Partnership Eligibility to Renewable Energy Industry

Senators Coons of Delaware and Moran of Kansas introduced a bill on Thursday that would allow the renewable energy industry access to tax advantages by forming Master Limited Partnerships (MLP). MLPs are companies that are taxed as partnerships but whose stocks can be traded on the market. Up to this point, only fossil fuel enterprises were allowed […]