Department of Energy Webinar on Wave Energy Converters

Last week was a busy week here at OREC. On Thursday July 18, I attend a webinar put on by the Department of Energy’s wind and water power technologies office where they talked about a new concept. The concept is creating a competition for companies in the wave energy conversion field with a prize for the best technology that will be the most effective. The competition is just in the beginning stages put looks like a promising idea from what I heard yesterday.

There was big news that came from the Beaufort wave energy center, when it announced that next year when it opens in Ireland it will create about 300 new jobs. Also in other news this week Worcester Polytechnic Institute received a $300,000 grant to work on harvesting hydrokinetic energy with undersea kites to harness the tides. These are two good signs for marine and hydrokinetic energy and hopefully more will follow.