Summer In DC

Happy Friday OREC members and followers! This week’s conclusion seems to be a very welcoming idea for most of my fellow interns and co-workers. I think it has something to do with the outrageous heat and humidity earlier in the week here in DC! Although, I must say I have started to become accustomed to the extreme humidity, which makes me feel like I am becoming more of a Washingtonian than a tourists. Or maybe its just because I am on a first name basis with all the baristas at my local Starbuck’s; something that seems to happen in every city I visit. For now I wont look at my caffeine intake as a bad thing, instead, I will just adhere to Mike Ditka’s belief that “coffee is the lifeblood that drives the dreams of champions.”

Since my last blog I have continued to explore DC and all that is has to offer. I have made it to a Washington Nationals baseball game, the Holocaust museum, a few Smithsonian’s and the Newsuem. I would have to say my favorite of my recent adventures was the Newsuem. A news buff myself, the museum offers a timeline of history through a media perspective. More specifically, the 9/11 exhibit at the Newsuem is nothing short of spectacular. With newspaper headlines, video footage, personal stories and pieces from the North Tower it was hard not to be moved. The exhibit furthered the increasing sense of patriotism I have acquired in my short time here in the nations capital.

At the conclusion of my third week as an intern at I am beginning to feel like I am part of the OREC team. Yesterday was the 14th Annual Congressional Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency EXPO + Policy Forum and I was able to speak to potential members, existing members and curious individuals about ocean renewable energy and about the coalition itself. Even though I was educating others about OREC I too learned a great deal about the coalition; I guess teaching is a great way of learning. The EXPO was filled with innovators and thinkers of different variety all working towards the common goal of renewable and sustainable energy. Moreover the EXPO showed that we are moving forward to a new and better future. Be sure to check out OREC’s Facebook for pictures from the conference.

Next week will surely be another great week with numerous events on Marine and Spatial Planning. I will be updating live via twitter to give everyone the inside scoop!