OREC Founders to Speak At Oregon Wave Conference

On July 14, 2006, OREC President Sean O’Neill and CEO Carolyn Elefant will serve as featured panel speakers at the Ocean Renewable Energy Conference:  Harnessing the Power of the Waves sponsored by the Oregon Science and Techology Partnership.  If you plan to attend the conference, please introduce yourselves to us so that we can help […]

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What’s New At the OREC Website?

We’ve added a few additional materials to the OREC website.  In the left menu bar, the OREC Resource Library contains links to some excellent papers that deal with economic benefits of developing wave and tidal resources, as well as links to all of the EPRI wave and tidal study.  You will see that we have […]

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OREC Participates in Three Scoping Sessions on MMS Programmatic EIS

In May and June, 2006, MMS conducted scoping sessions at various locations across the nation in connection with development of a Programmatic EIS for Alterate Energy on the Outer Continental Shelf.  OREC members gave testimony at three of the hearing sites.  You can view the testimony at the links below: Carolyn Elefant, OREC CEO –  […]

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OREC Works With Others To Secure Funding for Ocean Energy

Back in late fall 2005 and February 2006, OREC was hard at work, supporting legislative proposals like this and this to secure funding for wave, tidal and current renewable technologies.  A few weeks ago, with the efforts of our allies in the ocean development community, we have moved closer to that goal, as described in […]

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