Welcome to OREC’s Teleconference Briefing on the Energy Bill

Welcome to OREC’s teleconference briefing on the Energy Bill, provided by OREC principals Carolyn Elefant and Sean O’Neill as well as lobbyist/consultants Damian Kunko of SMI and Scott Lindsay (participating remotely) of SML Consulting.  Below is a photo of Sean, Damian and Carolyn prepping for the call.  For those who may have missed our call, […]

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OREC Summary of the Energy Bill

Here’s the conference version of the Energy Bill (pdf) (in all its 1724 page glory!).  We weren’t able to highlight the provisions relevant to ocean but we’ve summarized them here.  To navigate the bill, we recommend using Adobe’s word search feature to locate certain passages of interest. We’re happy to report that this is the […]

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The Energy Bill Passes – and Ocean Renewables Gain Recognition!

Here’s our Press Release on the Energy Policy Act, passed by the House and Senate last week.  A section by section analysis and copy of the bill is available in the preceding post: (from Renewable Energy Access): The United States Senate today passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005 by a vote of 74 to […]

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FERC Signs MOU With Corps – Why Not Other Agencies?

According to this Press Release, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Corps of Engineers “to streamline regulatory processes through early coordination to identify project purposes, needs and alternatives that each agency can use in carrying out its respective regulatory responsibilities.”  The MOU will apply to […]

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OREC Member Gains Relief at FERC

Last week, one of OREC’s members, Verdant Power obtained temporary relief from FERC’s licensing requirements as reported in our press release,  FERC OK’s Testing New Kinetic Hydropower Plant in New York City’s East River. The FERC’s order can be viewed here (PDF) and we’ve reprinted our press release (which also appeared in Renewable Energy Access […]

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