Senate Energy Bill Posted

It’s been a busy month for the Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition so even though posted about the Senate Energy Bill here, we did not include a link to the Bill in its entirety.  For those interested, here is the version of the  Senate Enery Bill (pdf) that was passed at the end of June.  You’ll […]

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So-Called National Ocean Protection Act S.1224

With all of our attention and limited resources focused on the Senate Energy Bill, we almost overlooked Barbara Boxer’s so-called National Ocean Protection Act (June 9, 2005).  At a time when ocean energy is just starting to make strides and gain recognition in legislation, the Boxer Bill would throw up more barriers.  Among other things, […]

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More Details on Ocean in the Senate Energy Bill

The recently passed Senate bill that we posted on here contains many benefits for the ocean energy industry.  While the Senate bill isn’t yet available online, we’ve given a run down of some of the amendments it contains that will help stimulate the ocean energy industry in the United States and move us on a […]

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Keep Up With Ocean Energy Developments in the U.S. and Abroad

If you’re trying to keep abreast of all of the development in the ocean renewable and offshore wind community, please visit the LOCE Offshore Wind and Wave Weblog.  It’s just been updated, with links to articles on new projects and other news relevant to those following the ocean energy industry.

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